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Beginning September 2020, our signature couples workshop will be offered in a new 5-week virtual couples workshop format. You will quickly identify patterns of behaviour, gain some fundamentals about biology and the human brain, and begin to understand how you and your partner are wired. You will learn how you can maintain closeness and intimacy, even when you are disagreeing or feeling misunderstood.

How can you benefit from the time you invest in this workshop? By attending, you will:

  • clarify the purpose of your relationship
  • learn how your attachment styles impact your relationship
  • gain insight into your couple dynamics and interactions
  • have the opportunity for face-to-face emotional experiences as a couple
  • practise real-time skill-building and benefit from feedback from your facilitators
  • begin to integrate new ideas and skills

By the end of the workshop, you will have gained new tools and deeper understandings to help keep your love alive. You will have some new ideas about what it takes to create a safe, secure, and lasting relationship. You will be able to talk more intimately and comfortably as a couple, and will leave more emotionally connected.

Our virtual workshop offers five 2-hour weekly Zoom sessions, with the opportunity to interact with up to a maximum of 11 couples. (Please note: We have discounted the cost of our workshop in  response to the challenges some couples may be experiencing during these difficult economic times.)

The workshop will have a balance of facilitator and video presentations, and one-to-one exercises that will focus on just the two of you. During the workshop, you will complete all the couple activities together with your partner in private, offline, and afterward you will be invited to share with the other participants what you have learned. (Disclosure is always optional.) A live Q&A will follow.

Please Note: This workshop is educational in nature, designed to present information in a practical and informative way. A workshop does not take the place of couples therapy. Please contact us if you feel you need a more private, one on-one therapeutic experience.

What Can You Expect from this Couples Workshop?

In the words of Stan Tatkin, Ph.D., author of Wired for Love and Wired for Dating, and upon whose work we drew in the creation of this workshop: “There is nothing more difficult to deal with than another person… As individuals, we are complex. We don’t come with manuals to help our partners understand us.”

In this couples workshop, we will help you create a “working manual” as you start to know your partner better. You will learn:

  • how your attachment and communication styles impact your relationship
  • to read each other better
  • how you trigger each other
  • understand what a secure functioning relationship looks like
  • learn what is safe and what is threatening to each other