Why Couples Choose our Couple Intensive Retreat

In our 23 years working together as marriage and couples co-therapists, private couple intensive retreats have been at the heart of our work. Why? We have observed that clients who begin therapy intensively progress more quickly, especially when they are feeling at a crossroads.

We are currently offering both online as well as in-person Couple Intensives. Our office is in downtown Ottawa provides the privacy needed to gain the most out of your couple intensive therapy sessions. In a peaceful environment, we can create a safe and secure space to begin the process of relationship repair or relationship enrichment.

Whether virtually or in-person, you might want to consider attending a private couple intensive retreat if

  • you have been feeling disconnected
  • your relationship is at a standstill
  • you are struggling to overcome feelings of betrayal
  • you have discussed divorce, you are separated, and are considering reconciliation

Attending our couple therapy retreat or online intensive will help you turn things around. As your husband-and-wife co-therapist team, we will work with you to make your relationship move in a more positive direction. You will become clearer about the principles that will guide your relationship in the future.

Leaving work and family pressures behind — as well as the time restraints associated with weekly couples counselling — you will gain new insights about yourself and your partner — and you will begin to develop a relationship that is built on safety and security, mutuality, and respect.

Please note: This private couple counselling intensive retreat is just for the two of you. It is not a workshop, so the time that you spend with us will relate directly to what is challenging you now and over the course of your relationship. Our goal is to help you become more secure-functioning as a couple. And along the way, we will help you create a clear framework for moving forward.

 Virtual Couple Intensives

Since the onset of COVID in 2020, we have been using a securely-encrypted online video-conferencing platform. Naturally, we have had to make adjustments to the format of our Couple Intensives, but we have been developing a safe space virtually that will reflect as closely as we can the couple intimacy that you would normally experience face-to-face in our Ottawa office. Please contact us to discuss how a virtual Couple Intensive will benefit you as a couple during these challenging times.

Couple Intensive Retreats in Canada

As well as offering our Couple Intensives online via our secure videoconferencing platform, we are now meeting with Couple Intensive Retreat clients in person at our office in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. It is a very beautiful city steeped in Canadian history, offering many natural and cultural attractions and dining experiences that will make your visit together enjoyable.

Couple Intensive Retreats in Mexico

We will not be offering in-person Couple Intensive Retreats in Mexico this year, as many travellers are still reporting that they are contracting  COVID as a result of travelling. When it is once again safe to travel, we will offer our private 3-day Couple Intensive Retreats in Ajijic, Mexico during the winter months. Ajijic is a quiet, colourful and lively little Mexican town, popular with Canadian and American expats. It is just a 30-minute drive south west of Guadalajara, sitting along the largest lake in Mexico, Lake Chapala, and an impressive mountain range. The Lake Chapala area is considered to have the second best climate in the world. It rarely rains during the winter months (or if it does, it is only at night), and the average temperature ranges from 46-48 °F (8-9 °C) in the morning or evenings to an average of  77  -82 °F (25-28 °C) during the day. Unlike the humid coastal areas, the weather here is pleasantly dry. A perfect place for your retreat.  See our events calendar for upcoming available dates, or call us to suggest dates that might work for you.

For More Information or to Schedule a Retreat

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